A Better Bookmarks Bar Experience in Firefox

This is just a little quick tip on improving the bookmarks bar behavior in Firefox.

In Firefox, there's a shortcut (which is the same as in Chromium browsers) to toggle showing and hiding the bookmarks bar. I like my bookmarks to show on a new tab page but not on any other pages. When you use that shortcut to hide the bookmarks bar in a Chromium based browser, that's the default behavior, but in Firefox it toggles between "Never show" and "Always show".

However, there's a third option which does the behavior I like. If you right click on the bookmarks bar, then in the context menu that drops down hover over the Bookmarks Toolbar > menu item, you'll see three choices: Always Show, Only Show on New Tab, and Never Show. Select the middle option and now your bookmarks bar only shows up on the New Tab page.